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What We Do

Our goal at GLADYS is to offer individualized trauma-informed services while also working collaboratively to build an aging positive and end-of-life informed community. We aim to empower our clients by validating their experiences and offer support, resources, and tools that further increase learning, understanding, and awareness about aging in-place, death & dying processes, advanced care planning, and grief and loss.

And we do all this through connection, honesty, and candor,

plus a dash of humor. Because acknowledging, humanizing and normalizing these experiences are critical steps required in attending and adapting to the needs and changes of an individual.

Holding Hands

We Are Here for You

We understand that life comes with major transitions and adapting to complex changes requires a supportive, dynamic approach.

We offer trauma-informed services including:

  • End-of-life Doula (death doula)

  • Aging in-place (non-medical)

  • Alzheimer's, Related Dementia Counseling & Consultations

  • Grief & loss support

  • Death & dying education

  • Advanced care planning

  • Mindfulness & well-being workshops

  • Animal assisted interventions

  • Resources, Referrals

Sunset Stroll

Our Core Values:

We are guided by trauma-informed care (TIC) principles and offer our services and programs with a TIC approach.

We advocate for:

Safety: The physical and emotional safety of all our clients

Choice: Ensuring and promoting autonomy and agency throughout life's transitions

Collaboration: A person-directed approach, empowering our clients to make their own choices and decisions in planning and implementing personal services

Trustworthiness: Respect, dignity, and empathy. Always.

Empowerment: Creating programs and services that enables individuals to feel validated, affirmed, and supported

Sunset Stroll
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